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EU to focus on small businesses
Venture capital funds in the European Union are expected to be regulated less rigidly to support the SME ecosystem in the single market.
Germany toughens M&A regulations
In future, companies worth more than $425m will be subject to antitrust regulations, with a particular view of protecting consumers when startups are purchased by corporates.
Singapore to relax VC rules
The Monetary Authority of Singapore is seeking to relax a range of rules for venture capital managers.
UAE frames VC funds
The government has established a legal framework for venture capital funds operating in the United Arab Emirates.
Sweden rules on startup tax changes
Latvia reduces tax burden on startups
The new law, which comes into force on January 1 2017, imposes a flat tax on startups of $267 per employee per month for qualifying companies.
Singapore to stimulate VC industry
Alberta to introduce VC legislation
The autumn sitting of the province's legislature is expected to produce legislation that would offer a 30% tax credit to some investors.

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