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1. Describe the services that your company provides to corporate venturers.

Relevant EquityWorks lets your professionals speed through their workday with apps for deal and portfolio management, quarterly reporting for Corporate, and cash forecasting. Seamless contact management (CRM) and Outlook integration. Our apps run on all versions of Windows, Mac, and iPad/IOS platforms. 

2. What makes your company unique?

Relevant is the “thought leader” in Private Equity software.  Our flagship Relevant EquityWorks apps have been simplifying the lives of investment and back-office teams (and their managers) for 15 years now.  To date, we’ve delivered over 265 systems worldwide.

Instead of using slower, one-dimensional CRM systems and lots of spreadsheets, you can employ our solution to store all of your corporate venturing data in a single place.  Thus you can coordinate workflows between team members and management can monitor progress at all times.  Time for the weekly deal pipeline meeting?  Simply run a report to create a deal book of one-pagers on each active investment opportunity.  Come month- or quarter-end, Relevant EquityWorks lets your back-office team quickly consolidate holdings for corporate and forecast upcoming cash needs.

3. Which corporates have you worked with?

 - Kirkland & Ellis

- Merck Global Health Innovations Fund

- Norwest Venture Capital (owned by Wells Fargo Bank)

- Social+Capital Partnership (Facebook spinoff)

- Unitas (JP Morgan spinoff)

4. Please provide one or two examples of successful cases.

Our clients have a wide range of business objectives. While most of them track incoming deals, catalogue investments, and consolidate their holdings each period-end, others model employee funds, reward systems, and waterfalls. Still others use Relevant EquityWorks apps to raise external money or comply with regulatory requirements.

5. Is there anything else you would like to say about your company?

We invite you to visit our web site, learn more and sign up for a no obligation Internet Demo.



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