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Clareo Partners


1. Describe the services that your company provides to corporate venturers.

At Clareo, we help leaders create new ways to grow—core, adjacent and new business—and the plans & capabilities to get there. Corporate venturing is a powerful tool for bringing outside thinking into the firm. We help companies build the approaches and organizational models to access external thinking, ideas, products/services and business models; translate them to growth options for the firm; and convert options into new businesses opportunities.  

We work with corporate venturers to assess their needs and capabilities, design a winning strategy and organizational model, activate their strategy through experiential programs and cultivate on-going performance. We align the corporate venturing strategy with overall corporate growth strategy to help ensure the sustainability and relevance of corporate venturing. 

2. What makes your company unique?

We provide practical expertise, not merely “academic thinking”. In addition, we offer experiential programs to bring outside-in thinking to the firm, access to a global network of experts and thought leaders and a mindset for capabilities development—ensuring our clients can carry the strategy forward. This is combined with an extensive track record of designing and launching multiple corporate venture initiatives.  

3. Which corporates have you worked with?

We’ve helped establish leading corporate venture groups such as Peabody, Rio Tinto, Castrol and others. For more information, and case examples, please feel free to contact Scott Bowman    

4. Please provide one or two examples of successful cases.

We worked with Castrol to envision the future of the company beyond lubricants. As part of this effort, named Castrol 2020, we designed & executed a series of ‘insight tours’ to define industry futures and their implications for Castrol. We co-created a future-state portfolio of new territories and concepts and the strategy needed to get there. We also helped establish the plan, process and governance for Castrol Innoventures, a group designed explicitly for outside-in innovation, strategic venture investing and new business design.     

5. Is there anything else you would like to say about your company?

Our team brings operating experience running corporate venture groups, VC funds, special-purpose investment vehicles and leading public-private innovation communities & networks. 



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