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1. Describe the services that your company provides to corporate venturers.

TechMATCH is a SaaS workflow tool that improves your process of evaluating innovative technologies while feeding your enterprise’s own internal sharable knowledge database. 

2. What makes your company unique?

TechMATCH equips enterprises with the necessary tools to streamline, accelerate and more effectively manage your process of screening innovative technologies, while providing enterprises with their own internal database where their users can quickly filter through hundreds or thousands of technologies found by colleagues in other divisions, offices or countries. to pinpoint the technologies that meet their individual needs. TechMATCH’s proven “submit, screen, share” formula yields higher quality technology Matches in less time. 

3. Which corporates have you worked with?

Do not have any Corporate VCs as clients with newly launched TechMATCH platform, however previously employed in early stage NOKIA investment group 

4. Please provide one or two examples of successful cases.

TechMATCH software is currently being used to run Corporate Connections, a New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and Startup America (which was launched by the White House) joint initiative that connects hundreds of innovative startups with publicly traded companies. Current Corporate Partners include General Electric (GE), Dun & Bradstreet, Wal-Mart, Coca Cola, American Airlines and a dozen more Corporate Partners. 

5. Is there anything else you would like to say about your company?

TechMATCH is the ideal platform for large enterprises that would benefit by leveraging all the technology found in various offices throughout the organization, that may be of interest and monetizable by others. TechMATCH pools the work of individuals into a comprehensive, structured and effective process to evaluate and share innovative technologies.



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