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Global Government Venturing is both a monthly magazine and website written for the venture capital units funded by governments, as well as those responsible for setting tax and legal policies affecting the venture and entrepreneurial ecosystem. Each month different countries' government venturing policies, as well as tax and regulations and what financial tools are available, will be covered in a report.


Regional & local: Eindhoven, Netherlands

National: Jordan

National: Tunisia

  • Tunisia: strategy

    Government control of economic affairs, while still heavy, has gradually lessened over the past decade with increasing privatisation, simplification of the tax structure, and a prudent approach to debt.

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National: Taiwan, officially the Republic of China

Regional & local: Connecticut (CT), US

Supranational: Overseas Private Investment Corporation (Opic)

Regional & local: Northern Ireland, UK

Supranational: World Bank/IFC

National: Wales

National: Scotland

National: Canada

National: Sweden

National: Hungary

National: Czech Republic

National: US

National: Australia

National: New Zealand

National: Nigeria

National: Egypt

  • Egypt: strategy

    Regional Report: Egypt - Egypt’s nascent leadership in venture stalls after revolution; micro-loans rather than equity seems preferred; lack of reforms.

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National: Germany

National: UK

National: Finland

National: Ireland

National: Portugal

National: Slovak Republic

National: Russia

National: Turkey

National: France

National: Belgium

National: Netherlands

National: Luxembourg

Regional & local: Wallonia

Regional & local: Brussels

Regional & local: Flanders, Belgium

National: Japan

National: South Korea

National: People's Republic of China

National: Singapore

National: Philippines

National: Malaysia

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