BPIfrance promotes acquisition

BPIfrance sets out to convince French businesses that acquisitions of both technologies and teams are in their best interest and to reassure startups that acquisition by French companies is a positive step forward.

BPIfrance, the sovereign wealth fund of France, is to release a report next month encouraging French businesses to acquire other companies as a route to growth and to gain technology.

The flip side of this encouragement would be more exits for French startups and more acquisition opportunities with France-based companies.

Its report will cover five major points that it hopes will improve the rate of acquisition in the country and the exit rate of startups. These points are:

  • How startups can scale in two ways: finding growth and market leadership or through an acquisition.
  • How acquisitions are not just about financial transactions, they are signs of a strategic vision.
  • How acquisitions are about synergies created by growth opportunities.
  • How acquisitions aren't just about technology acquisition, they are about teams.
  • How selling a company isn't a sign of defeat, it is a way of reaching the next step.

The full report will be released in September and is called “Acquerir pour Bondir”.

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